Below are some of the important questions that we get asked occasionally. Some from first time users who have already installed and are using MemoPics, and some from people who are thinking of trying it.




How many memory cards can I play with in a game?

When playing a game you may set the number of cards that are actually used by setting the playing options for that game. MemoPics will automatically use a random choice of cards whenever you start a new game, independent of your subscription level.

How many of my own pictures can I use?

MemoPics supports up to 96 different cards in a MemoApp for PREMIUM users. Every card may have a secondary (TWIN) image and an individual sound attached.

The actual number of cards you may use when designing a game depends on your current subscription level.

How do I add my own pictures to a MemoPics game?

Pictures are loaded from your photo library and assigned to cards. You may add a single picture or the pictures of a complete album at once. It's a good idea to create separate albums for all pictures you want to have in a game, so you may load it at once.

Refer to 'Designing Own Games' to get an introduction on how to create a game.

What are “TWIN” cards?

TWIN cards are cards that have a secondary image that relates to the primary image. This offers new playing options, as players need to not only identify two identical pictures, but find (and remember) the matching secondary picture.

Special option of MemoPics is to NOT provide a secondary image but a dedicated cards sound. In this case, players must match sounds to images.

How do I use sound in a MemoApp?

There are various ways you may use sounds in a game. You may use them to provide some background music, while the game is open and/or when cards turn, or you may assign specific sounds to individual cards.

What else can I customize in my MemoApp?

There are a lot of options available to make your MemoApp look individual and personal. You may design the splash screen, the card backings, sound schemes, and even create multi-language games.

How do I let you know of the great ideas I have for improving MemoPics - ideas that would make the entire world want to use MemoPics?

We're continuously improving MemoPics - just let us know by sending an email to