Below are some of the important questions that we get asked occasionally. Some from first time users who have already installed and are using MemoPics, and some from people who are thinking of trying it.




How do I share a game?

There are two ways to share a game:

(1) By uploading it:

To share a game you need to upload it to the MemoPics cloud first. The game will be stored there with a public link that is included in mails or posts on Facebook or Twitter.

If somebody else wants to open your shared game (from mail, or from a social media App such as Facebook), MemoPics will automatically download and install the game.

(2) Through a remote session:

If you invite friends to a remote session (requires a PREMIUM subscription) any game you open will be automatically shared with all players or friends who joined the session.

Can I protect my MemoApp?

Yes, you may restrict the usage of a MemoPics game to your Game Center friends. In this case only the persons you have authorized will be able to open and access the MemoApp.

Can I include a link to my game on my own website?

Yes, you can. Just upload a game and use the MemoPics Share manager to send an email to yourself. From this email you can copy the game image and the link to your website.