Below are some of the important questions that we get asked occasionally. Some from first time users who have already installed and are using MemoPics, and some from people who are thinking of trying it.




What type of device do I need to install and use MemoPics?

MemoPics currently supports all Apple iPads from 2nd generation on, running iOS 8 or later. MemoPics is already designed to support iOS 9 as well.

A MemoPics Player version without design functionality will be made available soon for all other iOS devices capable of running iOS8 or later  (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

What is a MemoApp?

A MemoApp is a "game" of images and sounds that needs to be solved by one or more players who try to find matching cards.

You may access ready-made MemoApps or create and share your own ones.

How is MemoPics different from other Memory Apps?

We thought you’d never ask. MemoPics has many powerful and versatile features, but we’ll just tell you the ones people most appreciate:

  1.     You can use your own pictures for the game cards. Yes, we know other games claim to do that. Wait until you see how easily MemoPics lets you use your own pictures, and with such creative options.

  2.     You can match cards that don’t match! (That might sound crazy, but read on…  )  These are called “TWIN” cards, which makes the concept even more interesting. Take a look at the question below about TWIN cards.

  3.     You can match cards by their sound!

  4.     You can play with someone remotely – especially via internet and/or WiFi connection. Across the country or across the world or across the street.

  5.     There are several other very interesting and useful playing options, but that’s enough for now. You should try playing a few games and then creating your own game.

How do I learn to use MemoPics?

By using it. Well, yes, all software claims to be “intuitive” and “self-explanatory” and that usually lasts for about 5 or 10 clicks. So we’ve put in some additional effort and provided complete online HELP, hints, and documentation for you to read as you’re trying new features. We still think the User Interface is very intuitive and without parallel, but the HELP and hints are insurance. And everyone can use a little help now and then.

Why do I need to sign in with Apple’s Game Center?

Well, you don't have to. However, signing in with GameCenter and registering with MemoPics

  1.     makes it possible for you to access the MemoPics cloud to upload and download additional games;

  2.     lets us identify you so you can play remotely with others if you want; and

  3.     provides you with additional features, whatever device you're using.

How do I get rid of the little ads that keep popping up?

Register with MemoPics and upgrade your subscription level to PREMIUM with an InApp purchase. Besides getting rid of the ads you'll get several useful additional features. For more information check here.

Why don’t you have a version of this for Android?

MemoPics is using some exclusive features that are only available on iOS devices at this time. However, we're also working on bringing MemoPics to Android and other mobile platforms in the future.